The problem - There’s a difference between food and nutrition

Cassava is the 3rd most important crop worldwide The root constitutes the daily food for 800 million people living in the tropical zone (annual consumption of 150+ kg per capita); however the root is poor in nutrition and is used mainly to achieve satiety.

Such useful elements as protein and minerals are left in the foliage (leaves and stems), which is mostly discarded today. That’s up to 20% of the industry’s 35 Mio. Mt/year production or root/tubers. This foliage contains up to 40% of protein by weight.

This disposal of agro waste is environmentally unsustainable and creates economic opportunities. We believe there’s a perfect way to turn waste into nutrition, increasing the effectiveness of the resources used in planting and growing cassava.

YooNoon is a sustainable business, which aims to support environmental, economic and social advancement of humanity

We are exploiting a huge potential in converting several millions tons of cassava foliage into livestock feed, proteins for human consumption, fertilizer and biogas.


Our fully bio-circular business is sustainable, and supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, developing a considerable number of jobs in developing countries, increasing well-being of local population, significantly reducing CO2 emissions, and contributing to the fight against hunger and poverty.


We will build a scalable business which will support a considerable export from Africa to European and global human food/animal feed producers.


We are a team of knowledgeable and experienced business executives, who have extensive knowledge in starting and running international business operations.


We have a strong connection with local business and governmental partners allowing us to navigate the local business landscape, as well as get access to major cassava farmer cooperatives, local engineering construction and operation experience, and existing logistic infrastructure to freight and shipping of final products.