YooNoon IVS will pose our current – and future R&D activities and YooNoon will later this year start the establishment of a local production and operation in Ghana

YooNoon IVS will perform current and future R&D – in new/adapted protein extraction technologies, extraction from dry/semi-dry raw materials, integration and commissioning of new plant technologies etc.

YooNoon IVS will protect its IP and technology developments. YooNoon IVS will license these rights to the worldwide cassava industry, as an in-kind contribution in local shareholding or royalty payments and/or contractual sales of knowhow.

YooNoon IVS has identified Ghana being the second largest manufacture of cassava in Africa. YooNoon IVS together with its partners have profound knowledge in doing business in Ghana.

YooNoon IVS will take the lead in the financing, the establishment and the operation of YooNoon Ghana Holding. YooNoon Ghana will plan, build and operate a local production plant, a sales and distribution organization and a local R&D.

YooNoon IVS will continue to be working in close cooperation with Danish and global universities and other knowledge partners in order to drive a biocircular economy acceptance and deployment.

YooNoon IVS will take a major shareholding in YooNoon Ghana together with local and global funds, banks and equity investors.